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Amp Repairs

Bill Potter’s World

Bill Potter, our amp repair guru, has been with the shop since 1998. He’s revived many vintage tube amps and done many custom mods for folks. Bill works on both tube and solid state equipment – vintage or modern.

Warranty Repairs: The shop is a warranty repair center for Fender, Marshall & Eden products

Non-Warranty Repairs: We do out of warranty service on many brands. As long as we can obtain a schematic and parts we can probably fix it. We do recommend that you call if you’ve got something out of the ordinary before you make the trip to our shop.

Parts: The shop sells many variations of vacuum tubes, capacitors, transistors, resistors etc. but we will gladly utilize customer supplied parts if you already have them.

Que System: During season the repair shop gets very busy so we developed a que system. Call the shop to put your equipment in our que. This system helps keep our shop a bit less cluttered & your gear stays with you until we can actually get it on the bench.

Once the repair is complete we spend some time testing all functions. This Theramin was just crying out to be played.

Fun With Theramins
Amp repair bench area