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What is the impedance of my speaker cabinet? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bari   
Monday, 06 April 2009 23:15

Hopefully the impedance of your cabinet is marked. Manufacturers generally mark the power handling capability (watts) and impedance (ohms). If not, you can use a multimeter on the ohms scale and take a reading at the speaker jack by plugging in a short speaker cable and measuring between the tip and sleeve of the 1/4" plug. This will give you the resistive component of your speaker cabinet impedance which will put you in the ballpark.

When trying to determine the useable power handling capacity of your cabinet you might see several power ratings listed on the  backplate:  Peak, Program, RMS, or continuous. The lowest power rating is the one you can safely use - this will be marked as RMS or continuous. The other ratings are for transients or momentary peaks. If there is only 1 power rating it is generally the RMS value.


Note: The actual impedance consists of resistive, inductive and capacitive components. What you read with your multimeter is only the resistive component but this is accurate enough for our purposes.

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