Shop will be closed for Holidays 12/24-01/04/2021. Enjoy but Stay Safe! - Back on 1/5/2021


The Amp Shop & Music Parlor

COVID-19 UPDATE: Shop is now open with regular hours. Still requiring customers to wear face covering and limiting numbers in the shop at any one time. Will ask you to use hand sanitizer before handling any store stock or consignment item that isn't your personal instrument or amp. Thanks much for supporting us thru this most strange time on the planet! Also don't hesitate to contact us via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or facebook with any questions/concerns.

Stay well          - Bari, Shaun, Bill, Ashley & Eric -

We are a "retro" kind of music store who takes great pride in helping musicians of all levels play and sound better.


The shop offers on-site repairs of tube amps, PA gear, pedals, guitars, banjos and other instruments. For the "Do it Yourself" crowd we have a good selection of guitar parts and amp parts. As an authorized Fender Warranty Repair Shop, we stock many Fender parts.

We are one of South Florida's busiest musician's consignment shops.  Our used guitar inventory includes vintage and modern, electric and acoustic. There are generally some vintage tube amps in stock as well as a variety of modern tube and solid-state gear. We also frequently have PA and studio equipment such as mixing consoles, power amps, recorders, mics, compressors etc. for sale.


BOTTOM LINE - We love bringing your favorite amp or instrument back to center stage and finding new homes for stuff you aren't playing anymore.


Happy Holidays from The Crew at The Amp Shop & Music Parlor